They've arrived.

Thank you Moo.com for my business cards.

CV, we need to get ours done soon!

Bizzzzzzzznes Cards.

"Well, I do de-CLAIRE"


Claire, L.A.'s hottest fashionista.

I. what concoction of pieces are ya wearing
well, at the moment i am wearing sweats. probably not the answer you wanted. haha.

favorite type of fabric?
wow. there's no way to choose. there are SO many awesome fabrics out there that blow my mind. but i need twill and jersey to live.

how would you describe your style
i am very eclectic. i have many genres of clothing in my wardrobe ranging from punk rock to romantic to beach bum to city slicker. my favorite look at moment is a casual collared shirt with loose shorts, tennis shoes, bangles, and top that off with aviators.

lady gaga. thoughts?
love the music. her style is definitely unique. i respect her for stepping way outside the norm, but i wish i knew what she actually looked like behind all the costumes and heavy makeup.

favorite accessory
i dont leave home without my aviators.

you look like you've modeled before.
not professionally. i did a favor for a friend. www.misohappi.com

if you could raid anyone's closet, who would it be? & why?
this might sound weird, but i would want to raid a male co-worker's closet. hhahah. he has awesome clothes and he's a small dude so i'm pretty sure i can fit his stuff. his style is new-york-city-slicker. he rocks brands such as g-star, marc jacobs, and scotch & soda.

have you stolen anything from your mama's closet?
YES! i have at least 3 garments that i can think of off the top of my head that my mom used to wear in the 70s and 80s. i also have a few jewelry pieces. two of which are a yellow gold diamond ring paired with a yellow gold cobra ring that i always have on.


shorty is a hen


$8 rayon tank from Forever xxi
shorts from who knows where
alice in wonderland recycled bullet shell necklace, created by Robert (fairfax swapmeet)

downtime in between outfits of the TWSS shoot day.




I love the pattern and deep turquoise of this outfit. The gold accessories bring out the color even more. Fancy finding her at the Long Beach Aquarium. Against the blue tanks, she fit in perfectly.

Cerulean blue? Something like that. It reminds me of Ariel. Under the sea.




I'm a magazine junkie.


inspah board

An inspah board is always fun to have. It's something to look at, and can be messy. This particular one I have doesn't like my wall for some reason. It fell in the middle of the night and scared the shyitphukka outta me. There's a Juergen Teller shot for MJ, a black and white spread with photos of (really young, bowl-cut) Chloe from Anthem Mag, old shots of Edie Sedgwick from Interview, and a tiny blurb about some Dali painting.


I never actually look at these photos for anything in particular. I like seeing it out of the corner of my eye, a big mess. A conglomerate of images that just end up looking like one image if you look at your monitor and see it in the corner of your eye.

That's what a lot of things are. Many images separately that people pull together depending on the aesthetic aka "mood" desired and boom bang bing - it's a magazine page. Or a blog page. Or a poster. Or a pamphlet. Or a brochure.

Insert when 2 Become 1 by the Spice Girls.

Anyway, this is my board. Does anyone have really strong sticky stuff?



Broad exhibit, LACMA
Broad exhibit, LACMA
Broad exhibit, LACMA

downtown artwalk, every 2nd thursday

me and Luigisauce
Luigi & Me

fabulous tank. I cant help but snap portraits of tanks when they look like this:

Downtown LA artwalk

just blaze

There's a rap song with, I wanna say Nick Cannon, and someone (Cannon) goes 'Just blaze.' I just remembered that. Definitely rocked it in my Galant at a lunch break back in high school.


Aspen's forever xxi blazer, 10-dollar green men's shirt, pants from forevuh veinte uno, and the necklace is from Robert @ fairfax swapmeet, $3

I wore this and felt stupid because it was so dang hot. My blazer blazed. So I was forced by the temperature to take it off. Cool down, cool down.


710n to 10w

men's oxford button up, UO pants, topman lace-up boots

my boyfriend. simple and put together for his first day of med school. good prognosis.


everyday bobbles.

from left to right: silver knuckle ring picked up at a bazaar, ram ring bought from an African gypsy, Robert Lee Morris ring from ebay, silver promise ring from years ago, dual ram rings from same merchant, sapphire +gold ring a gift.

clockwise from bottom left: silver owl charm bracelet from first grade, Marc by Marc watch, snake bitten earrings from UO, claw pendant from Robert at the Fairfax Flea Market

the everyday array.

1 of my favorite tanks

This Ensenada tank, $3
Definitely a little big, but it's not like I'm going to wear it to church.


The guy who sold it to me


Cast of 'Thats What She Said'

It's always fun to collaborate with friends.
I recently photographed some talented lady friends that are on their way to filming a fictional series.

They asked me to shoot their promo shots and here's a few I liked:




I love denim when it's worn right and fits right.

Check out The Undeniables: http://theundeniables.org/


the only thing I bought from Brazil

For my brother was this jersey for the equivalent of $7.
Soccer's huge (obvi) in Brazil....but I have no real knowledge of the sport.
Vendors everywhere in Rio were selling fake soccer jerseys so I bought the first one from a guy who actually let me haggle with him. Done.


I swear I don't dress my brother. He wears random shit on his own, like my dad's golf watch for keeping scores and a 25-cent Jesus ring from Big Lots.

What'd we buy?
$3 buys
Young Paul Newman and a Vivien Leigh film with an even younger Warren Beatty.


Evening, Aspen.


Aspen is wearing a Forever XXI blazer and a Sao Paolo Waterpolo Olympics tank. I found it by a pool for a Michael Phelps photoshoot.

"…to express yourself as you are, without any intentional, fancy way of adjusting yourself, is the most important thing."-Shunryu Suzuki

Chinese Take-Out

My grandma's Toronto sweatshirt is real baggy, but it's the perfect thing to throw on when you're getting late night take-out and gas station ice cream.



...Even ATMs can look good

Introducing: Creatures from jessejr

This is still a cute photo of Jesse's outfit, but it's not the one I should have taken. We were trying to find an ATM and had to pass this dark hallway with graffiti splattered on both sides. There was minimal light and just close to the other passage was Jesse, propped up against the wall with his hand in his pocket and cell phone on his shoulder.

That's when I should've clicked. But I didn't because I didn't want to be rude.

So instead, I asked him to pose out in the sun. But fuck it, he still looks good. Loafers, loafers, loafers + shorts.


Check out his website and his feature in Nylon Magazine at
Creatures from jessjr.

He's wearing a shirt with his original design.

Our new friend, Robert @ Fairfax Swapmeet


CV and me hit up the Fairfax HS swapmeet after perusing Space 1520's goodies. We didn't find much but it was still a feast for the eyes. I bought a snake bangle for my upper arm, only $7, and I'm sure the gold one Kate Hudson sported before was a couple times more expensive than mine. Snot like she needs to save the dinero.

We were nearing the end of the 'meet and stumbled upon this old man's table with a wooden tray full of what we found out were recycled bullet shells that he cast into mini pendants. Nothing on the table was more than $20. I bought an art nouveau design and an Alice in Wonderland pendant that he lasered himself into a molding from an old German children's book with an illustration from the story. CV on the other hand, got something a little bigger:


CV, what's the story with Robert's owl tallon?
his sisters make the fairies and all that ish. robert casts metal into things that eat 'em! he was driving on the road and spotted a road-deceased owl, hopped on out and cut him a gem of a foot. In lieu of Pamela love talons that are far beyond my budget, i was elated to take it home at a steal of 20 bucks!! every sunday guys and gals, go on grab yourself one!

Introducing: CV

As shot by DA

Looking a little hot because the sun decided to shit rays this past Saturday @ Blogshop Day, Space 1520.

So, ....CV, what are you wearing?!
american apparel button up, forever 21 tribal necklace and pantaloons, cut-out oxfords from urban, m by mj watch and assortment of silver rings!

Ahem, and your bag?:)
[coming soon]

What was your favorite part of Saturday?
hanging with DA and hunting down some grub after a day of swap meeting and lemonade

We totally should have forked the $10 and purchased the black on white "RIP YSL" Brian Lichtenberg t-shirt...?
YES! but it was hot, we were delirious and black shirt with our black hair was looking like a no no!

Can we go to the Fairfax swapmeet again?
of course DA, we have to give our reviews to robert about his soap. :]

OOoh! I used up all of mine. The rose-cherry one was my favorite. I wanted to keep the scent on my fingers all day.

A fellow D70-er

Yeah, so what. My DSLR is old, outdated, and a senior citizen.
Shut up. Me likes it. And when I finally get my new replacement, I'll still retire my D70 on a throne.

Johnny Cash would be proud.
I took his picture. He took mine with our matching D70s checkin' each other out.

I want Terry Richardson's job.

Purple #11 from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

Terry Richardson Best of the Season from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

His set-up is pretty simple in comparison to the few shoots I've assisted.


Devendra Banhart photo exhibit



CV met a fellow Whittian at the gallery featuring concert/tour photos of Devendra Banhart. What a small world.

Fairfax Swapmeet

What are the odds of finding another pair of your lucky shoes? (Above)

The ones I bought for 12 bucks from a shop on Melrose almost a year ago, just had its identical twin pop up today at the Fairfax H.S. swapmeet. CV spotted them first. I was tempted to buy them since they were only 15 bucks, but I like my worn-in, tattered ones instead. Plus, they got me A's on tests I thought I'd failed.


@ space 1520..........chanel me, please


CV and DA had time to stroll and shop today.
We had our blog cards in hand
and struck some strides to the parking lot right outside
of Urban Outfitters, by space 1520.
They had a mini swapmeet where shirts were 5 a'plenty.
I bought some shorts,
similar to what this lady's wearing -
15 bucks and I was sweating
all day today because of the heat,
CV and I then went to the Fairfax H.S. swapmeet.

Annenberg Space for Photography



Located right in the courtyard of the CAA building by Ave of the Stars.
Photojournalism at its finest.
I'm inspired.