Introducing: CV

As shot by DA

Looking a little hot because the sun decided to shit rays this past Saturday @ Blogshop Day, Space 1520.

So, ....CV, what are you wearing?!
american apparel button up, forever 21 tribal necklace and pantaloons, cut-out oxfords from urban, m by mj watch and assortment of silver rings!

Ahem, and your bag?:)
[coming soon]

What was your favorite part of Saturday?
hanging with DA and hunting down some grub after a day of swap meeting and lemonade

We totally should have forked the $10 and purchased the black on white "RIP YSL" Brian Lichtenberg t-shirt...?
YES! but it was hot, we were delirious and black shirt with our black hair was looking like a no no!

Can we go to the Fairfax swapmeet again?
of course DA, we have to give our reviews to robert about his soap. :]

OOoh! I used up all of mine. The rose-cherry one was my favorite. I wanted to keep the scent on my fingers all day.

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