Our new friend, Robert @ Fairfax Swapmeet


CV and me hit up the Fairfax HS swapmeet after perusing Space 1520's goodies. We didn't find much but it was still a feast for the eyes. I bought a snake bangle for my upper arm, only $7, and I'm sure the gold one Kate Hudson sported before was a couple times more expensive than mine. Snot like she needs to save the dinero.

We were nearing the end of the 'meet and stumbled upon this old man's table with a wooden tray full of what we found out were recycled bullet shells that he cast into mini pendants. Nothing on the table was more than $20. I bought an art nouveau design and an Alice in Wonderland pendant that he lasered himself into a molding from an old German children's book with an illustration from the story. CV on the other hand, got something a little bigger:


CV, what's the story with Robert's owl tallon?
his sisters make the fairies and all that ish. robert casts metal into things that eat 'em! he was driving on the road and spotted a road-deceased owl, hopped on out and cut him a gem of a foot. In lieu of Pamela love talons that are far beyond my budget, i was elated to take it home at a steal of 20 bucks!! every sunday guys and gals, go on grab yourself one!

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