86 in Glendale


She's 86 and a friend of my grandma's from back in the day at USC. She's as feisty as ever, telling me that it's a sin for old ladies to not have a sense of style at their age. She's the most eloquent writer I know, and yes, we still communicate by old-fashioned, chipchuckin' snail mail aka handwritten letters. Back and forth, for the past 10 years. Now, it goes beyond thank-you-cards and christmas notes. It's more heartfelt. You lose your grandma and you realize you have to keep in touch and find out about the stories of their youth, when they were in their 20s and you were decades from existing.

Lola Soring, a force to be reckoned with especially in her gray on gray outfit.


ray-ban me


one's real - purchased at Fedco in '83
one's fake - purchased from the Philippines, less than 5 bucks.

FAKIE! But still saves me from Le Sun.


first photo feature: flaunt mag / no. 103

flaunt - july 09 mention
flaunt - july 09 mention
flaunt - july 09 mention

And hopefully not my only one.
Pretty wild to intern for a magazine and then have your photos featured in an issue.
My two photos are on the right page...right...next...to...ERIN WASSON. Holy sherlock shit!


the short look


Never been able to pull the short hair look, but this lovely lady rocked it perfectly. Her button-less sweater complemented her full length black skirt (that I wish I would have photographed in its entirety).

on the way to some vegan spot for dinner


I Go crazy for spatial lines

Thanks to Aspen for showing me this vid. If only Drake had put out a music video like this one. That's what he gets for going with Kanye.

It's like an Apple commercial + Ice cream + Being 11 years old + Disneyland + Santa Monica Pier. Major props. Not to mention, I love all the gray pants and gray hues. Cudi and West never looked better.

Used the Eyedropper tool on PS to show my favorite color scheme. Common, stop it. You make all the guys look bad:

best color scheme

weiner attire



Taken on Saturday at the Los Alamitos 14th Annual Wienershnitzel Dog Race.


we can share it like the last slice

I cant stop listening to this sawng,
its been on the radio for way too lawng,
but whateverz it's still good and I can pretend I'm Drake but only rap to my 6 tropical fishes instead.



[interview with aspen clark via gmail chat-ness]

DIANE: im writing a blog entry on you
answer and be honest because its goin on the INTERNET
1. whats your favorite accessory
2. beauty regimen?
3. 1 wish from fashion gods, what is it:
ASPEN: 1) lip balm/gloss
2) wash with warm water, moisturize, occasional exfoliation; less is more
DIANE: okay screw question 2
its stupid
i sound like seventeen magazine
ok new batch of questions
ASPEN: 3)my boobs were smaller
DIANE: hahahahahahahahaha
i like that one

my friend crame



me likes ties and loafers. T&L

[ 1 Q U E S T I O N ]


"My closet has elements that range from old childhood toys to pink dildo straws given to me as a present for my 18th birthday. Complete mess. I fold my shirts half-assedly, fresh out of the dryer, inside out. Old guitars. I hang my pants on the right side of the hanger holder, button-ups, jackets on the left, toys on the shelf. Furby. The contents of my closet are comparable to 13 shots of whiskey."

And there you have it. The magic that is Crame. All day, everyday.


magic marker

thanks dibap! quilter tupperware perhaps? wonder what uncle Karl packed for lunch.

his & hers

(his- gray/silver shoes: topman, linen blend shirt: h&m, skinny slacks: h&m
hers- ps1: barneys, tuxedo cropped blazer: zara, ikat print body con: forever 21)

quinceanera. downtown los angeles at night is semi-sketchy but full of magic at the same time. live latin/jazz band, tamales, empanadas and choreographed dancing. elaborate decor and a celebration of a coming of age. what a way to turn 15!

taupe ole!

karen walker eyewear

look past the vampire-y themed campaign of now and revel in the wonders of last year's campaign. wunduva.


nibble nabble. jibba jabba

(snake earrings: Urban Outfitters, red polish: "haute red" by Orly, jade bracelet)

beady beady eyes. Tired of the neon highlighter nails of yesteryear and test-running traditional red with round tippay.

new years 08

I found an old sketchbook from last year. Really old, and I had this outfit planned for who knows what. Over the outfit, but I still want to make the "$0 L.A." shirt happen. Boppo Clothing comeback?



More later

EW <3 from DA

I'm just putting it out there now, I'm a huge Erin Wasson fan. That's all. The end. Kaput.

[Image courtesy of BleachBlack]


my bracelets I lose and choose and reuse sometimes

funny, I dreamt of this last night or something like it -


cv + diane summer playlist:

1. "A La La" -- CSS
2. "I am Somebody" -- Chromeo
3. "Samir's Theme" -- Debonair Samir
4. "Cosmic Love" -- Florence and the Machine
5. "Pieces of the People We Love" -- The Rapture
6. "Luck of Lucien" -- A Tribe Called Quest
7. "Smoke & Mirros" -- RJD2


8."Rolling with Heat"- The Roots feat. Talib Kweli
9."Ready for the Floor"- Hot Chip
10."Lost Ones"- Lauryn Hill
11. "Golden Age"- TV on the Radio
12."Postcards From Italy"- Beirut
13."Business Time"- Flight of the Conchords
14."Idioteque"- Radiohead


The sibling: Post-Philippines travels

This is my brother Jordan. He just returned from a 3-week stint in the motherland, even getting a chance to say hello to our long lost grandpa in the process. He came back with a few new clothing pieces. His bracelets were made by locals in Boracay. Shirt from UO, $10. Converse chucks from Pilipinas, yeow.

That furry critter on his phone is a keychain of a tarsier monkey, the world's smallest (and creepiest) only found in P.I.


The rings of CV

christina v always has rings on. no matter what time of day. everyday. christina's fingers have accessories on 24/7.

We're back!

So I've had basquewaist up for over a year now and just when I thought I was ready to stop procrastinating on classwork with blog entries, the exact opposite happened: I acquired a new blogging P.I.C., partner in creating crime and everything that comes with it in the blogosphere. Not so much crime, just frilly things and cosmic bings.

Her name is Christina and we survived Sociological Statistics together. ANOVA tables, two-tail hypothesis testing, and all the jazzy tunes and somber steps we endured for a cool 10 weeks during our last quarter at UCLA.

We brainstormed during our graduation ceremony and decided that we'd combine our noggins and get back to what makes us happy, which we'll try and showcase here on basquewaist. We like a lot of stuff. Shirts, shoes, fonts, delicious design and friends' clothes. This will be our open space to share what we find.

Fash bash, go!