We're back!

So I've had basquewaist up for over a year now and just when I thought I was ready to stop procrastinating on classwork with blog entries, the exact opposite happened: I acquired a new blogging P.I.C., partner in creating crime and everything that comes with it in the blogosphere. Not so much crime, just frilly things and cosmic bings.

Her name is Christina and we survived Sociological Statistics together. ANOVA tables, two-tail hypothesis testing, and all the jazzy tunes and somber steps we endured for a cool 10 weeks during our last quarter at UCLA.

We brainstormed during our graduation ceremony and decided that we'd combine our noggins and get back to what makes us happy, which we'll try and showcase here on basquewaist. We like a lot of stuff. Shirts, shoes, fonts, delicious design and friends' clothes. This will be our open space to share what we find.

Fash bash, go!


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