86 in Glendale


She's 86 and a friend of my grandma's from back in the day at USC. She's as feisty as ever, telling me that it's a sin for old ladies to not have a sense of style at their age. She's the most eloquent writer I know, and yes, we still communicate by old-fashioned, chipchuckin' snail mail aka handwritten letters. Back and forth, for the past 10 years. Now, it goes beyond thank-you-cards and christmas notes. It's more heartfelt. You lose your grandma and you realize you have to keep in touch and find out about the stories of their youth, when they were in their 20s and you were decades from existing.

Lola Soring, a force to be reckoned with especially in her gray on gray outfit.


avs said...

omg thats so precious. handwritten letters.

vicky said...

that is so precious/beautiful.