"Well, I do de-CLAIRE"


Claire, L.A.'s hottest fashionista.

I. what concoction of pieces are ya wearing
well, at the moment i am wearing sweats. probably not the answer you wanted. haha.

favorite type of fabric?
wow. there's no way to choose. there are SO many awesome fabrics out there that blow my mind. but i need twill and jersey to live.

how would you describe your style
i am very eclectic. i have many genres of clothing in my wardrobe ranging from punk rock to romantic to beach bum to city slicker. my favorite look at moment is a casual collared shirt with loose shorts, tennis shoes, bangles, and top that off with aviators.

lady gaga. thoughts?
love the music. her style is definitely unique. i respect her for stepping way outside the norm, but i wish i knew what she actually looked like behind all the costumes and heavy makeup.

favorite accessory
i dont leave home without my aviators.

you look like you've modeled before.
not professionally. i did a favor for a friend. www.misohappi.com

if you could raid anyone's closet, who would it be? & why?
this might sound weird, but i would want to raid a male co-worker's closet. hhahah. he has awesome clothes and he's a small dude so i'm pretty sure i can fit his stuff. his style is new-york-city-slicker. he rocks brands such as g-star, marc jacobs, and scotch & soda.

have you stolen anything from your mama's closet?
YES! i have at least 3 garments that i can think of off the top of my head that my mom used to wear in the 70s and 80s. i also have a few jewelry pieces. two of which are a yellow gold diamond ring paired with a yellow gold cobra ring that i always have on.

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