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It's Sunday and I'm bored. Editing more TWSS pictures and wanting to ransack my closet for stuff I won't wear anymore. I haven't gone shopping since the blazer, and I don't care to actually. Not until I acquire an actual job.

In the spirit of room cleaning, I found sketches from high school, back when I still had Boppo Clothing. I wanted to make this one Four Men into a shirt design but no one would buy it, I'm pretty sure. It was a scene from an old film with Gregory Peck. I had the screen paused because I was eating food and wanted to savour the flavor. But I was intrigued by the 4, and doodled them on a napkin. Scanned it into my computer and cleaned it up a little.


Then I found two variations of my friend Thira, whom I sketched sophomore year in our dorm room. It was probably a weeknight of the usual procrastination that took place. She asked me to sketch her (or maybe I told her I'd sketch her) and we wasted 20 fruitful minutes. She posed and I told her flat out that my doodles of people never end up looking like the actual people. They look like someone else. Maybe there's a girl who actually looks like this? Tell her to contact me and I can pretend I doodled these just for her.


This one I did while in Brazil.
I was waiting for my dad to finish up his conference and was stuck in the bus with a Brazilian fashion magazine. Everyone is so pretty there. They have a confidence and a prettiness that is unbeatable. It's just written on their face and in the way they walk. I wanted to spend more time there, just to sit and listen to them speak Portuguese. It sounds real pretty, like flowers are flowing from their mouths.


Now that I read the captions, I'm not sure if this was in Argentina or Brazil. It was one of the two. All a big mesh in my head. Good times and a follow up trip should be done.

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